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Editorial on the Spirit of the Forum

Wrong answers, personal opinions, and pure bullshit should mean....

Keep in mind, as this forum grows and as things come and go, everyone will face adversity and opposition from those who believe other than we do. Physical performance and fitness is an individual decision and a personal choice of paths. There are prescribed, defined, pre-planned,outlined, and customized ideas, studies, suggestions, thoughts and beliefs. Alternatively, there are ideas, studies, suggestions, thoughts and beliefs that are condemned, argued against, laughed at, even outlawed. When we let go of societal norms, general acceptance of mediocrity and fear, we accomplish more, we accomplish what we believe in.

This is a community of ideas and support. I am relatively intelligent, decent looking, and I know I can tear the door off of a car, have never lost a fight and have always accomplished my goals. On the opposite side of the same coin, I know I am never done learns, can always have room for improvement, never as strong as I think I am, but stronger than I know I am, and yes, there is someone in the world that can kick my ass...I just haven't met him (or her) yet. With this in mind, I welcome the sharing of ideas, friendly debate, experimental thoughts and unconventional ideas. After all, results speak for themselves but differ between people and situations. I used to laugh at men who did Yoga, then Yoga became partly responsible for restoring a large part of my life. I used to hate running, then I enlisted and still hated it, but ran out of excuses why I shouldn't do it. I used to think steroids were evil illegal and destructive crazy-makers used by selfish athletes and idiots who burned the candle from both ends, now I know different.

Here, all ideas are welcome, whether moral, professional, or otherwise...they are ideas. If you don't link it, don't read further.